Through their internationally popular recordings, televised concerts, and live performances, Young & Rollins have established themselves as one of today's most innovative Latin guitar groups. Beginning with their debut album SALSA FLAMENCA in the year 2000 which hit the Billboard Top 25 Chart, Young & Rollins have gone on to amass a worldwide following and earn much critical acclaim, with the Washington Post declaring "Young and Rollins display a shocking breadth of skills." 

Dan Young and Lawson Rollins began collaborating after a chance meeting in a Washington, D.C., flamenco guitar shop in 1998. They came from different musical backgrounds - Lawson started out as a classically trained guitarist before moving into Latin American guitar styles, while Dan holds a degree in jazz from the New School University in New York City - but they immediately realized that they shared a similar musical vision. Both had a profound love of Latin music, particularly the Brazilian, salsa, and flamenco traditions, as well as an appreciation of the contemporary developments in those genres. But in their own work, they sought to move beyond the often confining boundaries of musical genres.

"We've tried to open ourselves up to a diversity of influences and to explore new paths for creative expression," Dan explains. Lawson agrees: "Working together has really forced us to combine elements of our very different musical backgrounds and has resulted in a natural fusion process. Young & Rollins is really a hybrid of different styles that joins our enthusiasm for experimentation with a respect for different musical traditions."

Their debut recording SALSA FLAMENCA  received immediate critical acclaim and achieved significant radio play both nationally and internationally, entering the Billboard top 25 charts shortly after its release in 2000. The Washington Post labeled their captivating mix of musical influences a "fiery fusion of styles."

Young & Rollins’ second album of original music SEVILLA was heralded in Esquire magazine as "dynamic world music", while Jazziz magazine wrote: "They have done their homework, mastering an eclectic variety of styles that are combined in their compositions and improvisations - Latin jazz, blues, Flamenco, classical, even reggae."

Their 2005 release ESPERANZA showcases the duo’s prowess as both composers and performers. “Seductive guitar sounds with just the right amount of technical guitar virtuosity”, writes 20th Century Guitar Magazine in its review of ESPERANZA, while the All Music Guide's review states, "Proof that music can be technically flawless without lacking wit or soul, ESPERANZA is Young & Rollins' best album to this point."

Young & Rollins' fourth album MOSAIC finds the duo in top form.  Veteran music critic, Jonathan Widran, describes MOSAIC as "uniformly engaging and brilliant" and writes, "As engaging as the tunes and the bright productions are, those who listen closely are bound to find themselves intoxicated by the intricate weavings of the two guitars." 

In addition to their work in the studio, the Young & Rollins Quintet has performed at several international venues and festivals, including the prestigious Perth International Arts Festival in Australia, the New Zealand International Arts Festival, the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., the Utah Arts Festival, the Salisbury Festival in England, and the Sydney Opera House.